About turnaround times

Different countries have different time-frame requirements for when your pre-departure test is to be performed. These requirements have been changing quickly, so it is important you check the relevant destination websites for the most up to date information.

It is also recomended to check with your airline as to when they require you to present your evidence of a negative test. Some require travellers to present at check in, and not at the departure time.

A standard RT-PCR pre-departure test result and travel certificate will be delivered within a 48-hour window. How quickly you will get your test results back will depend on demand for community testing. If there is a surge in community testing, this can affect turnaround times for pre-departure testing. Your result and travel certificate from a RAT tests will be available within an hour from taking the supervised test.

In some regions we can deliver your test results much quicker, and in these areas we offer express and urgent services.

We always take reasonable care and skill to provide our services in a reasonable timeframe, but there are some things that we cannot control, and those things will affect how quickly you will receive your pre-departure test result, such as the demand for community testing at the time you take your pre-departure test.

For these reasons, our laboratories cannot guarantee that you will receive your pre-departure test result before your scheduled flight. We recommend that you arrange to be tested as soon as the country you are travelling to allows.